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Acquire new customers when you use the original Polk City Directory. We’ll help you discover up-to-date prospects with our online, printed, or CD directories. We also offer a variety of marketing services including:

Direct Mail Campaigns

Our team of experts will design, print, and mail a unique postcard or brochure on behalf of your business. Learn More.

Email Campaigns

We can create an eye-catching template for your business, help you customize your information, and send your campaign to the right leads. Learn More.

Data Enhancement

Clean up dirty data by suppressing information in current customer files or filling in missing information such as email addresses and phone numbers. Learn More.

Search Engine Marketing

Find the right customers at the right time. Our experts can create unique online advertisements for your business. Learn More.

Online Display Campaigns

Our marketing experts can add online display advertising to your direct mail or email campaigns to help you boost the response of your message.

One-Time Mailing List

Let us help you zero in on your best prospects for a specific product or service you offer.

No matter what your business needs, the experts at Polk City Directories can help!

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