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Growing your business with Polk City Directories has never been so simple—or convenient. We’ve partnered with our sister company, Salesgenie, to bring you online US & Canadian business directories and consumer directories so you can find information about your prospects and customers, anytime and anywhere.

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Choose from six databases:

  • U.S. Consumers
  • U.S. New Movers
  • U.S. Businesses
  • U.S. New Businesses
  • Canadian Consumers
  • Canadian Businesses

Targeting your ideal prospects is easy with a wide variety of search selections, including:

  • Demographics – Age, gender, marital status, home value, household income, and more.
  • Firmographics – Industry, number of employees, sales volume, years in business, and more
  • Geographics – City, state, county, ZIP Code, area code, and more.
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