Find Specialized Consumer Lead

When you want to find detailed information on the ideal customer for your business or products, use a consumer specialty list from Polk City Directories. You can target homeowners, new movers, households with children and much more!

Find Your Consumers

Our databases contain millions of consumers to choose from. In fact, you can target:

  • 736 Million Homeowners
  • 3 Million Pre-Movers
  • 4 Million Affluent Homeowners
  • 2 Million Investors
  • 26 Million Households with Children
    • 95 Million Mail Order Buyers
    • 120 Million Households by Religious Affiliation
    • 12 Million Canadian Customers

Use Our TargetReady™ Models

Pre-built and ready to be customized to your exact needs, the TargetReady™ Models from Polk make it easy to find the perfect consumers. We offer over 90 models covering major behavioral and attitudinal categories such as:

  • Automobiles
  • Books
  • Children
  • Donations
    • Shopping
    • Events
    • Dining
    • And more
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