Market Your Church to a New Audience

Don’t wait for new congregates to walk through your doors–find them, with a consumer list or marketing service by Polk City Directories.

What We Offer

Reach out to members with a message about your church today. With Polk’s search capabilities and database we can help you:

  • Locate families close to your church with a neighborhood or radius search
  • Identify households with children for bible study classes
  • Get a list of new movers or new homeowners into your area

We can also create custom lists by:

  • Using geography selects to search by state, city, county, or ZIP CodeTM
  • Targeting households by religious affiliations
  • Searching by demographic searches such as age, gender, income

Additional Services

Need help to market your church, bible studies, or marriage classes? Contact our experts to learn more about our turnkey marketing services, which include:

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